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Darren Cofer

Recent Publications

Compositional Verification of Architectural Models

This paper describes a design flow and supporting tools to significantly improve the design and verification of complex cyber-physical systems. We focus on system architecture models composed from libraries of components and complexity-reducing design patterns having formally verified properties. This allows new system designs to be developed rapidly using patterns that have been shown to reduce unnecessary complexity and coupling between components.

Circular Hierarchical Reasoning using Past Time LTL

We describe a composition rule for hierarchically composed components that may involve circular reasoning between the components. It is similar to previous work by McMillan, specialized to component level reasoning. In contrast to McMillan's work, our composition rule can be used in provers that only support safety properties (e.g. k-induction model checkers) as long as the system and component contracts consist of state invariants. The composition rule still holds for richer contracts, but the resulting verification conditions then require a general purpose model checker.

Software Model Checking Takes Off

The increasing popularity of model-based development and the growing power of model checkers are making it practical to use formal verification for important classes of software designs. A barrier to doing this in an industrial setting has been the need to translate the commercial modeling languages developers use into the input languages of the verification tools. This paper describes a translator framework that enables the use of model checking and theorem proving on complex avionics systems and describes its use in three industrial case studies.