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Publication Title Authors Date of Publicationsort ascending Venue Associated Research Groups Publication Files
Helping System Engineers Bridge the Peaks Dr. Neha Rungta
Suzette Person, Ph.D.
Jason Biatek
Michael Whalen
Joseph Castle, Ph.D.
Karen Gundy-Burlet
June 2014 4th International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture, Hyderabad, India, June 1, 2014. Critical Systems Research Group 14285 (Rungta)_1.pdf
Structuring Simulink Models for Verification and Reuse Michael Whalen
Anitha Murugesan
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Mats Heimdahl
May 2014 6th International Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering Critical Systems Research Group Main.pdf
Exploring the Twin Peaks using Probabilistic Verification Techniques Anitha Murugesan
Lu Feng
Mats Heimdahl
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Michael Whalen
Insup Lee
May 2014 Fourth International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture Critical Systems Research Group Main.pdf
Hierarchical Circular Compositional Reasoning Andrew Gacek
Andreas Katis
Michael Whalen
Darren Cofer
March 2014 Critical Systems Research Group main.pdf
Parameterized Abstractions for Reasoning about Algebraic Data Types Hung T. Pham
Michael Whalen
November 2013 Eighth International Workshop on Constraints in Formal Verification (CFV'13) Critical Systems Research Group cfv13.pdf
Compositional Verification of a Medical Device System Anitha Murugesan
Michael Whalen
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Mats Heimdahl
November 2013 ACM SIGAda’s Annual International Conference on High Integrity Language Technology, Pittsburg, PA, November, 2013 Critical Systems Research Group hilt03-murugesan.pdf
Cyber-Physical System Requirements - A Model Driven Approach Anitha Murugesan
Lian Duan
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Mats Heimdahl
October 2013 The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Critical Systems Research Group GHC2013_Poster.pdf
RADA: A Tool for Reasoning about Algebraic Data Types with Abstractions Hung T. Pham
Michael Whalen
August 2013 9th Joint Meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE 2013) Critical Systems Research Group rada_fse2013.pdf
Efficient Test Coverage Measurement for MC/DC Michael Whalen
Mats Heimdahl
Ian De Silva
June 2013 University of Minnesota Critical Systems Research Group monitorAlgorithm.pdf
Observable Modified Condition/Decision Coverage Michael Whalen
Gregory Gay
Mats Heimdahl
Matt Staats
May 2013 2013 International Conference on Software Engineering, San Francisco, CA. May 2013. Critical Systems Research Group icse13main-p280-p-15745-preprint.pdf