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Publication Titlesort descending Authors Date of Publication Venue Associated Research Groups Publication Files
Generating Model Checkers from Algebraic Specifications Teodor Rus
Eric Van Wyk
Tom Halverson
May 2002 Silver: an Extensible Attribute Grammar System Minnesota Extensible Language Tools
Helping System Engineers Bridge the Peaks Dr. Neha Rungta
Suzette Person, Ph.D.
Jason Biatek
Michael Whalen
Joseph Castle, Ph.D.
Karen Gundy-Burlet
June 2014 4th International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture, Hyderabad, India, June 1, 2014. Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon 14285 (Rungta)_1.pdf
Hierarchical Circular Compositional Reasoning Andrew Gacek
Andreas Katis
Michael Whalen
Darren Cofer
March 2014 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon main.pdf
Hierarchical Multi-Formalism Proofs of Cyber-Physical Systems Michael Whalen
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Elaheh Ghassabani
Anitha Murugesan
Oleg Sokolsky
Mats Heimdahl
Insup Lee
August 2015 University of Minnesota Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon MultiFormalismTechReport.pdf
How to Build Repeatable Experiments Gregory Gay
Tim Menzies
Bojan Cukic
Burak Turhan
May 2008 Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Predictive Models in Software Engineering, PROMISE 2009 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon 09ourmine.pdf
Ideas on How Product-Line Engineering Can be Extended Jeffrey Thompson
Mats Heimdahl
May 2001 Second ICSE Workshop on Software Product Lines: Economics, Architectures, and Implications.}, Toronto, Canada, May 2001 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon family-position-icse01w3.pdf
Implications of Ceiling Effects in Defect Predictors Tim Menzies
Burak Turhan
Gregory Gay
Ayse Bener
Bojan Cukic
Yue Jiang
May 2008 PROMISE '08 Proceedings of the 4th international workshop on Predictor models in software engineering Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon 08ceiling.pdf
Improving Symbolic Execution for Statecharts Formalisms Daniel Balasubramanian
Corina Pǎsǎreanu
Michael Whalen
Jason Biatek
Gabor Karsai
Michael Lowry
September 2012 MoDeVVa '12 Proceedings of the Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon p47-balasubramanian.pdf
Improving the Accuracy of Oracle Verdicts Through Automated Model Steering Gregory Gay
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Mats Heimdahl
September 2014 29th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'14). Vasteras, Sweden, September 2014. Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon 14ase.pdf
Incremental Verification with Mode Machine Invariants in State Machines Temesghen Kahsai
Pierre-Loic Garoche
Cesare Tinelli
Michael Whalen
April 2012 Proceedings of the Fourth NASA Formal Methods Symposium, Norfolk, VA, April 3-5, 2012 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon paper.pdf