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Birds of a feather session

In the afternoon, we are going to run "Birds of a Feather" sessions. The goal is participation and community building. From some IDCC conference notes on BoFs:

One thing that everyone agrees on is that a BoF session is more informal than just about any other type of session happening at the same event. In general, this also means that there are things that shouldn't happen in a BoF. There shouldn't be any lengthy presentations or teaching taking place. There should be an equal opportunity for everyone to contribute. Although it may be helpful to have someone to facilitate the discussion to ensure everyone gets their say, you want to avoid an event that's being led by someone standing in front of the room. A BoF isn't about a performer and an audience - it's more of a round table. That can mean that the ideal BoF has a limited attendance, although this does depend a lot on the nature of the BoF, the event and the attendees.

Due to the number of attendees, these will be slightly larger sessions than is optimal (~40 pp / session), but we hope they will still serve their purpose.

For "seed" topics, we have thought of the following:

  • Scale
  • Business factors
  • Design / decomposition
  • Data consistency
  • Patterns
  • Management / Deployment
  • Using Frameworks for implementation, e.g., Spring & Kotlin
  • Using Frameworks for deployment, e.g., Kubernetes

However, we hope that you can help us come up with better topics. We will accept input on this google form until lunchtime, at which time we will curate topics and announce topics and locations.

Thank you for your participation!!