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Edward Chenard: CodeFreeze 2014

Edward Chenard is the Senior Leader of Omnichannel and Innovation at Best Buy. His work covers the areas of Big Data, Data Science, Neuro-Marketing and Personalization. Edward's work is about bringing together the customer experience and technology in a way that drives new experiences through technology. Edward is recognized as one of the early adopters of big data in the retail space and one of the early pioneers of combing marketing and and big data technology across online and offline spaces. Edward contributes to the big data space by holding big data conferences and writing on the latest trends in big data. He has worked at companies such as 3M and GE and holds and BA and MBA in Global Management.

Abstract: Big data has changed how we believe we can do business, however many businesses fail to achieve the real success they want with big data because of one simple issue, teams are still collaborating in the same old ways. For companies to truly maximize their big data potential, new methods of communication between IT teams and business teams need to implemented. Big data means changing the rules of how we do business, new methods and technologies can now help IT and business work in ways that allow them to speak each others language and achieve the results big data promises.

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