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Larry Lukis - Code Freeze 2016

Larry Lukis: Disruption? or Just Innovation

In this talk, I view disruptive Innovation through the lens of 3 entrepreneurial endeavors from my personal experience: Hex Music – blown out of the water by Yamaha, fortunately at an early stage; LaserMaster / Colorspan – $120 million revenue, occasionally profitable, 10 year all-out exhausting sprint to keep 6-12 months ahead of HP; and Proto Labs – 3rd time charmed, a truly disruptive model results in a highly profitable 1000+ employee, international company with $1.7 billion market cap. Looking forward: amazing opportunities enabled by The Makers, The Cloud, IOT, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Raspberry Pi, etc. Progress limited only by the number of people smart enough to take advantage. Hopefully a lot of you will be attending. And finally, some comments about entrepreneurship and how landing a “Series A” round is not my definition of success.

Larry Lukis is a successful serial entrepreneur and self-described computer geek. Larry co-founded Laser Master, a successful $100 million printing company, then founded Proto Labs because of difficulties in getting parts in a timely fashion. Proto Labs developed an automated process for producing these parts in a fraction of the time and cost of competitors, dramatically changing the injection molded parts industry. In 2013 and 2014 it was ranked one of the top 5 small companies by Forbes, and it now has a market cap of $1.7 billion. He also manages an incubator (Proto Co.) supporting companies working on underwater autonomous and remotely operated vehicles, sonar, multi-person virtual reality tours of architectural spaces, a rail gun that he likes to call an "innovative rail launcher brushgun," and last but not least, an autonomous goose chasing robot!

Presentation slides available HERE

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