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Travel reimbursement policy

Dear Traveler:

Congratulations, you are a recipient of a travel award to attend the
2011 Midwest Verification Day to be held in Minneapolis, MN, September
30-October 1, 2011. The travel award may be used to cover up to the
amount sent to you in an earlier e-mail for travel related expenses.
Please note: your travel expenses will be audited and any expense exceeding
this amount will be deducted.

After your travel has been completed, and to be reimbursed for your
travel related expenses, you will need to complete/sign/date and mail
the attached form and ORIGINAL receipts to Ms. Peggy Stewart (see form).

Please use the following guidelines to assist you with submitting your

If you choose to claim mileage reimbursement, the current rate is
.55/mile. You will need to list mileage in/mileage out on your travel
reimbursement form as well as departure city.
If you car pool, the person claiming mileage reimbursement should list
the name(s) of those riding you.

If you share a hotel room, please indicate who you shared the
room with. Each individual should claim only their portion and each
individual should provide a receipt for their portion only. One person
should not claim the total expense for 1, 2 or 3 travelers as the
others' expenses will be deducted. No movies or alcohol are allowed.

Meal per diem for Mpls. is reimbursed up to $66/day ($12/breakfast;
$16/lunch, $36/dinner). Receipts are not required for meals.

Receipts for any expense $25 and above are required (a credit card
receipt is not acceptable). For example, if there is a taxi receipt for
$25, you will need to provide a receipt from the taxi co. showing the
date and amount. If the taxi is $24.99, no receipt is needed.

If you made a presentation, please provide a hard copy.

Mail your completed and signed form with original receipts to:

Peggy Stewart
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota
200 Union St. S.E., Room 4-192 KHKH
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Note: reimbursement forms are available either in Word or PDF below.