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Ray Arell - Code Freeze 2016

As Director of Intel Emergent Systems and Coaching, Ray Arell is a transformative leader in the adoption of Agile, lean, and complex system methods inside Intel. Ray’s group is currently coaching a community of practice of more than 10,000 people who are moving to a continuous value delivery culture. Prior to this role, he spent several decades as both an engineer and engineering manager of teams focused on CPU, chipset, graphics, wireless, and software development. Ray is a popular speaker at events worldwide and co-author of Change-Based Test Management: Improving the Software Validation Process.

Accelerating from Opportunities to High Value Solutions: Innovation programs within companies has fallen trap to a chronic misuse of the word, to the point most programs are shoehorned into traditional project management frameworks that focus more on the word than addressing the need—enabling the inventor, intrapreneur, and entrepreneur. In this talk, Ray Arell will talk about how to create the right environments and methods that allow true innovation to thrive. This will include an overview of Innovation Hubs, methods like Solutions Thinking, establishing networks of innovators via communities of practice, and other key methods/tools that can help accelerating your time to value.

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