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Robert Gallup - Code Freeze 2016

See. Think. Make. Robert Gallup has spent his career doing these at the intersection of people, design, and technology. From leading the team that shipped Fury3, Microsoft’s first game for Windows 95 to physical prototyping for wearable smart products, Robert has tackled an eclectic mix of early stage projects in the diverse areas of operating systems, computer games, car computers, online education, and smart things. Robert is currently the founder at XOBXOB, where he is focused on seeing, thinking, and making in a world where everything is connected.


The physical act of Making has always been central to technical innovation and design. From study sketches for paintings, to architectural models, to user experience mockups, made artifacts allow us to see, touch, feel, and refine ideas as they grow and evolve. This is no less the case in the sometimes abstract world of software, the Internet of Things and smart devices.

This hands-on session will explore Making and how the democratization of technology is changing the way software, products, and culture are created. Using a low-cost, programmable platform, you’ll learn how to easily make a prototype and evolve it. Through this you’ll better understand the tools, process, and possibilities of Making and it’s disruptive potential.

Presentation slides available HERE

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