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The University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center draws its funded research from a diverse set of sponsors. Current and recent sponsors include:

The National Science Foundation

  • SHF Medium: Contract-based Black-box Assurance. $1.4M. 2016-2019
  • CPS Large: Assuring the safety, security, and reliability of medical device cyber physical systems. $1.45M. 2011-2016
  • CAREER: An Extensible Compiler Framework for Modular Seamless Language Extensions

NASA Ames Research Center

  • Verification and Validation of Planning Systems. $417,156. 2013-2018
  • Compositional Verification of Flight Critical Systems (CVFCS). $337,000. 2013-2016
  • Test-Case Generation with an Explicit State Model Checker
  • Intelligent Specification Centered Test-Case Generation

NASA Langley Research Center

  • Advanced Modeling and Safety Engineering (AMASE). $210,000. 2016-2019.
  • Structuring Formal Requirements for Reuse and Product Families
  • Methods and Tools for Flight Critical Systems

NASA Independent Verification and Validation Facility

  • Tandem Experiments in Finding Faults During Model-Based Development.
  • A spectrum of IV&V modeling techniques


  • Guardol: $188,000. 2010-2012


  • Architecture and Analysis for High Assurance Autonomy (AAHAA). $630,000. 2018-2022
  • Build and Research Environment for Cyber-Assured System Engineering (BriefCASE). $800,000. 2018-2022
  • Systems of Systems Integration Technology and Experimentation. $123,000. 2017
  • Functionally Equivalent Variants Using Information Synchronization. $258,766. 2015-2016

Rockwell Collins

  • Methods and Tools for Flight Critical Systems


  • Extensible Languages and Education-Specific Language Extensions in Eclipse

University of Minnesota

  • Practical Aspects of Extensible Languages and Compilers