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Our Mission Statement

The Twin Cities Software Process Improvement Network (TwinSPIN) is a regional organization established in January of 1996 as a forum for the free and open exchange of software process improvement experiences and ideas. Representatives from industry, government, academia, other professional organizations, and consultants are welcome to participate. Our mission is to help sustain commitment and enhance skills in the area of software process improvement through an active program of networking and mutual support. The organization strives to serve as a source of educational and experiential information for its members, other SPIN organizations, and the general community of software professionals.

Schedule of Events for 2018-2019:

Date Program Manager Topic Speaker
October 7, 2018 Dick Hedger Stories from a Long Career Dick Hedger
November 1, 2018 Jim Plasek Different Ways to Teach CS Students John Columbus
December 13, 2018 Larry Green Joint Meeting with TCQAA TBA
January 10, 2019 Anthony Harder Human Computer Interaction Prof. Lana Yarosh
CANCELLED February 7, 2019 (will be rescheduled) TBD TBD TBD
March 14, 2019 Jesse Freese An Overview of the Scaled Agile Framework Samir Penkar
April 4, 2019 Jim Plasek DPRS & Security Updates TBA
May 2, 2019 Dick Hedger SENG 5852 Research Papers MSSE Students
June 6, 2019 Dick Hedger Planning for 2019-2020

Watch the events calendar for more details on these upcoming meetings.