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The Growing Importance of Software Engineering

The economy of a large part of the world is increasingly dependent on computers and the software that runs them. Unfortunately, as has been obvious from recent well-publicized incidents, software development cost and schedule overruns are rampant, our software is highly susceptible to malicious attacks, computer viruses and worms are a constant problem, and poor software quality and accidental failures incur huge costs.

These are real issues impacting all sectors of society. These are issues that software engineering (SE), as a profession, must and can address.

In a strategic decision to help address these problems, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering created the University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center (UMSEC). With UMSEC's creation, we will increase the coupling between research, education, and outreach allowing for closer industry involvement in the Department's research efforts and facilitate more rapid technology transfer from researchers to software engineering professionals.

We are committed to an innovative learning community where professionals can collaborate, cooperate, and create.

The University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center provides that community.