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Alexandra West

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Alexandra West is an award-winning production designer, international speaker, and Creative Director of Nerd/Noir. Her present interest is in bringing a visual thinking mindset into the world of collaborative work. Alex has a long history as a creative. After earning her degree in Art History from Emory University, Alex spent her early career in commercial and nonprofit art galleries. For the past decade, she has worked in film and television production creating a wide variety of onscreen environments. One of her favorite gigs involved creating the offices of hell as production designer for Adult Swim's cult hit "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell." In addition to working alongside her husband, David Laribee, at Nerd/Noir, she continues to provide design consulting to a diverse set of clients. When not busy curating the beautiful and unusual, Alex can be found eating cheese. All kinds of cheese.

Recent Presentations

Visual Thinking Strategies

Do strong personalities dominate your development team? Are code reviews painful? Are you blindly following orders from a backlog, or are you learning from observation?