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Andy Domeier

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Andy Domeier is the Director of System Operations at SPS. He has been with SPS for 13 years of aggressive growth in the company and its technologies. Andy leads practices that drive continuous improvement such as Change & Incident Management as well as Reliability Engineering teams focused on the health and availability of SPS services.

Recent Presentations

Reliably Complex Context

Effective technology strategies are critical to the success of almost every company today. Technology can become a competitive advantage for anyone that does it well and a major issue for those that fall behind. Complexity is sure to follow any decisions you make, whether it be VM clusters in a physical datacenter, running kubernetes in the cloud, or even your org design.

How You too can Step Away from the Monolith

The first step in moving away from monolithic codebases and towards microservices isn't (or shouldn't be) sitting down and writing code, or debating which orchestration framework you want to use. Creating an approachable plan that can be successful is critical to build the organizational support and funding needed for such an effort.

Why would you deconstruct one of your legacy systems into microservices? What would a plan look like if you did? How would you execute on that plan or put it into motion?