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Charity Majors

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Charity Majors is the co-founder and CTO of, a tool to help software engineers understand what happens when their code meets production. Charity ran infrastructure at Parse and was an engineering manager at Facebook. She started Honeycomb to bring engineers the observability tooling they need for the era of distributed systems. Charity is the co-author of Database Reliability Engineering (O'Reilly), and is devoted to creating a world where every engineer is on call and nobody thinks on call sucks.

Recent Presentations

Observability and the Glorious Future

Today's systems are getting astronomically more complex and tools that worked just great in the past are nearing the limitations of their usefulness. How are the problems of today different from the problems of tomorrow? How should one evaluate tooling and decide what to invest in? And how does observability contribute to software lifecycle ownership? We'll talk about all of this, as well as show why a solid grounding in observability is a necessary prerequisite to chaos engineering, resiliency, and other modern movements.