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Chris Klaue

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Chris is a Machine Learning Engineer at phData, Inc. He spent two years researching cutting-edge Machine Learning technologies at the University of St. Thomas, then started as a Data Engineer at phData. After experiencing the need to apply Software Engineering practices to ensure the consistent production value of the rapidly growing field of AI, he now aims to explore how to simplify and automate the overlap of Data Engineering and Machine Learning.

Recent Presentations

Your Laptop isn't Production: Engineering Your ML Models into Production

Do your ML products run on a data scientist’s laptop? Are they being run manually? Is the “production” version the first one that ran without crashing? Is it extremely challenging to update and redeploy your ML products? ML engineering and data engineering might not be the sexiest part of data science, but without understanding the engineering of building, deploying, optimizing, and monitoring ML systems, you’re handcuffing a model’s full potential.