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Dana Engebretson

Dana Engebretson loves to analyze data and to build predictive models. She has a passion to advocate for diversity and she does not discriminate against data that is more difficult to obtain. She won't settle for the excuse that there is a pipeline problem because she is capable of building fast, reliable and scalable pipelines, both technically and socially. She is the founder of PyLadies Twin Cities and she is currently working as a Software Engineer at SPS Commerce.

Recent Presentations

With Great Scalability Comes Great Responsibility

This is a story of how I took down one of our vendor’s services with an innocent serverless application. I wanted to retrieve data from one of our monitoring platforms to analyze SPS Commerce’s software performance. Initially, I wrote a script to collect the data using python multiprocessing. To gather this data in a more scalable, fast, and efficient way, I decided to pivot to a serverless architecture. Unfortunately, my solution ended up spawning requests faster than the REST API could handle.