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David Laribee

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David Laribee is an independent coach, author, teacher, and speaker in the area of software-intensive product development. He believes in the power of collaboration, simplicity, and feedback. Over the last 20 years, David has built teams and products for companies of all shapes and sizes. He's founded startups and consulted in Fortune 50 enterprises. He's developed digital products in a wide variety of domains: banking, retail, consumer electronics, insurance, beverage distribution, and higher education (to name a few). David is a two-time Microsoft MVP in C# and Solutions Architecture and co-founder of the ALT.NET movement, which spawned dozens of user groups across the globe dedicated to open source and modern engineering practices. Before striking out on his own, David coached the product development team at VersionOne, a market leader in agile project management tools. David started work life at the early age of five on a farm in Upstate NY - an upbringing that accounts for his lead-from-the-front approach, appreciation for small/cross-disciplinary teams and disdain for fake maple syrup.

Recent Presentations

Refactoring with Observability: Novel Practices For Learning

In this example-heavy session, I'll share two techniques we've invented within our dojo immersive learning environments to increase the design-time observability of complex software systems: refactoring with telemetry and architecture mapping. Refactoring with telemetry establishes a tight feedback loop between structural changes a development team makes and sometimes esoteric code quality metrics. It's an easy-to-use learning tool that makes clear the close relationship between small, continuous refactoring and long term sustainability.