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Donald Sawyer

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Adjunct Faculty Member
Donald is an engineering evangelist, specifically focused on bringing engineering mindset and principles to the world of data science. He is a Sr. Solution Architect at phData, Inc. where he works with clients to design and build scalable big data systems leveraging Hadoop, Spark, and the surrounding ecosystem. He is also an instructor at the University of Minnesota, where he teaches a class he designed: Big Data Engineering and Analytics. Donald has been a software engineer for almost 20 years, including four years in the data engineering and analytics domain.

Recent Presentations

Your Laptop isn't Production: Engineering Your ML Models into Production

Do your ML products run on a data scientist’s laptop? Are they being run manually? Is the “production” version the first one that ran without crashing? Is it extremely challenging to update and redeploy your ML products? ML engineering and data engineering might not be the sexiest part of data science, but without understanding the engineering of building, deploying, optimizing, and monitoring ML systems, you’re handcuffing a model’s full potential.