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James Vollmer

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James Vollmer is a Distinguished Engineer at Medtronic leading data strategy for the Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure business unit. James' background includes over 30 years in IT with over 20 focused on data, including traditional business intelligence, enterprise data warehousing and big data solutions in industries ranging from energy, government, manufacturing, transportation and marketing. The last 6 years have focused on both infrastructure automation and data operations strategy and implementation at Target and Cargill leveraging Hadoop and Kafka. James has served as a board member and president of the Teradata Partners User Group and has participated in the early development of Apache Atlas. He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota with a major in Industrial Technology and a ComSci minor.

Recent Presentations

ML/AI and Observability Impacts in ‘Two Speed’ Implementations

As AI/ML moves towards a front line, operational need, legacy analytical architectures need to re-think acquisition, management and, above all, observability regarding the acquisition and management of these mission critical data elements and structures. Adaption of a two-speed architecture is a critical enabler for this, providing the framework and mechanisms to offer a traditional OLTP/RDBMS path and a separate, high speed and event driven path for solutions that persist data in different formats/platforms.