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Janine Mechelke

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Janine Mechelke is a Principal Enterprise Architect at Target. Since 2016, she has been supporting the Corporate Systems portfolio, but as most everything that happens in a company flows in some way to Finance, she partners everyday with teams all across Target to enable new exciting business capabilities, simultaneously making sure legacy stuff doesn't break. While much of this time has been focused on "controls" on critical data flows, in the last year she has been pursuing the complementary role of "observability" as an enterprise imperative for operating a vast and ever-changing distributed architecture. Previously at Target you would have found her working on initiatives related to merchandising, replenishment, inventory, guest, marketing and business intelligence; and way, way back, at Ameriprise Financial, knee deep in 401(k) and insurance and annuities record-keeping systems.

Recent Presentations

Laying Tracks to Enterprise Grade Observability: Technology Evolution Amidst Technology Evolution

What happens when you take a large iconic retailer's technology organization, shift everyone from waterfall projects to the product model, embrace open source, micro-services, and rally back from a contractor heavy engineering force to one over 3,000 engineers strong? Absolutely some really cool business and technology solutions!