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Jordan Burandt

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Although relatively new to the industry, Jordan Burandt has diverse and in-depth experiences with system administration, automation, and reliability engineering in the four years of his professional career. In 2017, Jordan began at Trimble and is currently with the platform team as a DevOps Engineer. He is most recently building Trimble's Kubernetes platform to support their micro-service architecture. Outside of pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Jordan enjoys tinkering in robotics, traveling, and brewing beer. Jordan lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and his pug.

Recent Presentations

Safely Driven: How Trimble is Applying Deep Learning and Pragmatic Practices to Help Make the Roads Safer for Everyone

Deep learning certainly has roots in the autonomous vehicle space. However, most trucking companies have a substantial investment in existing class 8 semi-trailer trucks that are not going to be replaced with self-driving trucks overnight. Trimble Transportation Mobility (TTM) is using deep learning technologies, in conjunction with other advanced analytic techniques and state of the art DevOps approaches to help ensure the safe operation of trucking fleets.