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Michael Nadel

Michael Nadel is an engineering manager at Leadpages. He leads the amazing people responsible for scaling Drip, Leadpages' marketing automation SaaS product. Prior to Leadpages, Michael spent fifteen years developing systems for financial services firms and e-commerce enterprises.

Recent Presentations

The Cost of Microservices: A Retrospective

In what might feel like an inexorable march towards deconstructing monoliths, there's a plethora of technical information available on how to adopt microservices. They will, however, introduce trade-offs not only into your tech stack, but also into your entire organization. In this talk, Michael Nadel will be sharing Leadpages’ microservices story, with a particular focus on organizational and financial impacts. He’ll explore the original promise, the course-corrections, and the reality of adopting microservices at scale.