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Randy Shoup

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Randy Shoup is a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley, and has been working in distributed systems and large-scale infrastructure for most of that time. He was Chief Architect at eBay, where he led multiple generations of eBay’s realtime search engine infrastructure. He ran engineering at Google for Google App Engine, the world’s largest Platform-as-a-Service. He has also done stints as a co-founder of an ecommerce startup and as the CTO of a realtime gaming company. He is a frequent conference speaker on topics ranging from microservice architecture, to scalability, to DevOps, and to engineering organizations. He is currently VP of Engineering at Stitch Fix, combining software engineering and data science to help people discover clothes they love.

Recent Presentations

Managing Data at Scale: Microservices and Events

Data is the lifeblood of the modern company, and companies which can make most efficient and effective use of their data are much more likely to win in the marketplace. But managing data is hard, and managing distributed data is even harder. In a microservices world, the warmth and safety of a monolithic data store for the entire system is no longer available to us -- it's not large enough, it's not fast enough, it's not flexible enough, and it's not scalable enough. But the problems that we would otherwise solve via joins or transactions refuse to go away.