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Rick Hampton

Rick Hampton is the Wireless Communications Manager for Partners Healthcare System, Boston, MA. Rick is responsible for the overall coordination of activities relating to the safe and effective use of wireless communications technologies at Partners Healthcare and its affiliates. In addition to leading the Wireless Steering Committee, he coordinates efforts to provide safe and effective wireless deployments, educates Partners departments on proper wireless deployment methods and technologies, maintains and disseminates all policies regarding wireless technologies, and investigates electromagnetic compatibility and interference issues. Rick received his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, and, for a time, attended medical school until he decided family life and engineering were much more fun. His healthcare experience includes fifteen years as a paramedic and another twenty years as a clinical engineer for three of the largest healthcare companies. Rick is involved in numerous projects to raise the awareness of healthcare professionals and manufacturers regarding wireless systems in healthcare facilities. Among them are the Mobile Healthcare Alliance efforts to develop a white paper on wireless use in hospitals and an IEEE RF Wireless Working Group developing guidance on the usage of radio-frequency wireless communication technologies for IEEE 1073 point-of-care medical devices that exchange vital signs and other medical device information using shared information technology infrastructures. Most recently, Rick has been involved with the IEC/ISO 80001 standards effort to create a method for hospitals and other organizations to safely interconnect medical devices with the hospital IT LAN. He has also consulted with hospitals on medical telemetry and communications technologies.