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Rudy Agovic, Ph.D.

Photo of Rudy Agovic, Ph.D.

Rudy Agovic, Ph.D. is the CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Reliancy, a local consulting firm with focus on delivering value through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. After obtaining a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics Rudy earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. His academic research centered around Machine Learning and included collaborations with the Department of Energy and NASA. Rudy transitioned from the academic world into the business world to become a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded multiple startups and established a considerable track record in guiding business to leverage Machine Learning. Rudy’s clients come from various industries such as retail, oil and gas, healthcare, broadcasting, and insurance. He is trusted by multi-billion dollar companies to provide guidance and leadership in implementing AI and Machine Learning across the enterprise.

Rudy is also on the Advisory Board for Titan Data, which is a partner company for Reliancy in delivering solutions at scale.

Recent Presentations

Exploring the Structure of Data at Scale

Understanding the underlying structure of data is frequently a key first step in exploratory analysis. It can be especially difficult when the data set is large and might be high dimensional in its features. For a retailer it might be providing product recommendations. For an insurance company it might be modeling risk or fraud. When dealing with millions of records it can be quite challenging to pick up potentially valuable patterns and shapes.