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Sherman Eagles

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Sherman Eagles was a Technical Fellow at Medtronic before his retirement in 2008. He has over 40 years of software experience, including development work on operating systems, communications systems, software development tools and software development processes. At Medtronic, he focused on software process, software safety and software reliability in medical devices. Sherman is now a Partner at SoftwareCPR, a consulting group specializing in regulated medical software, and a Principal in 80001Experts, a group formed to help hospitals implement the IEC 80001-1 standard on risk management of medical IT networks. Sherman is a co-chair of the Medical Device Software Committee of The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), and a co-author of the AAMI manual, “Getting Started with IEC 80001-1: Essential Information for Healthcare Providers Managing Medical IT-Networks. He is the past convener of an international standard working group responsible for medical device software life cycle processes (IEC 62304), and the current convener of international standards groups on risk management for IT networks that include medical devices, and safety requirements for programmable electrical medical systems. He has served on the technical advisory committee of the Software Productivity Consortium and on the Software Committee of the Global Harmonization Task Force. He received a Bachelor’s degree in physics from Macalester College.