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Tim Crothers

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Tim is a seasoned security leader with over 20 years experience building and running information security programs, large and complex incident response and breach investigations, and threat and vulnerability assessments. He has deep experience in cyber-threat intelligence, reverse engineering, computer forensics, intrusion detection, breach prevention, and applying six sigma/lean process to information security. He is author/co-author of 15 books to date as well as regular training and speaking engagements at information security conferences.

Currently Tim is VP of Cyber Security for Target. There he has built and leads the Cyber Fusion Center where they are working on using innovative and new techniques and technologies to push the envelope of cyber intel, detection and response, and red teaming.

Recent Presentations

The Real World Application of ML to Cybersecurity

In this talk we’ll look at a couple real world implementations of ML to solve Cyber Security challenges. We’ll delve into the code and explore the challenges and benefits of applying ML to Cyber Security problems. ML brings some powerful options to meeting today's Cyber Security needs but many approaches such as anomaly detection-based ones tend to fail utterly while other approaches produce amazing results. We’ll dive into each side and seek to give you a practical understanding of how to successfully leverage ML for Cyber Security.