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Ajitha Rajan

Recent Publications

ReqsCov: A Tool for Measuring Test-Adequacy over Requirements

When creating test cases for software, a common approach is to create tests that exercise requirements. Determining the adequacy of test cases, however, is generally done through inspection or indirectly by measuring structural coverage of an executable artifact (such as source code or a software model). We present ReqsCov, a tool to directly measure requirements coverage provided by test cases.

The Effect of Program and Model Structure on MC/DC Test Adequacy Coverage

In avionics and other critical systems domains, adequacy of test suites is currently measured using the MC/DC metric on source code (or on a model in model-based development). We believe that the rigor of the MC/DC metric is highly sensitive to the structure of the implementation and can therefore be misleading as a test adequacy criterion. We investigate this hypothesis by empirically studying the effect of program structure on MC/DC coverage.