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Bojan Cukic

Recent Publications

Implications of Ceiling Effects in Defect Predictors

Context: There are many methods that input static code features and output a predictor for faulty code modules. These data mining methods have hit a "performance ceiling"; i.e., some inherent upper bound on the amount of information offered by, say, static code features when identifying modules which contain faults. Objective: We seek an explanation for this ceiling effect. Perhaps static code features have "limited information content"; i.e. their information can be quickly and completely discovered by even simple learners.

How to Build Repeatable Experiments

The mantra of the PROMISE series is "repeatable, improvable, maybe refutable" software engineering experiments. This community has successfully created a library of reusable software engineering data sets. The next challenge in the PROMISE community will be to not only share data, but to share experiments. Our experience with existing data mining environments is that these tools are not suitable for publishing or sharing repeatable experiments.