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Jimin Gao

Recent Publications

Silver: an Extensible Attribute Grammar System

Attribute grammar specification languages, like many domain-specific languages, offer significant advantages to their users, such as high-level declarative constructs and domain-specific analyses. Despite these advantages, attribute grammars are often not adopted to the degree that their proponents envision. One practical obstacle to their adoption is a perceived lack of both domain-specific and general purpose language features needed to address the many different aspects of a problem.

Extending Lustre with Timeout Automata

This paper describes an extension to Lustre to support the analysis of globally asynchronous, locally synchronous (GALS) architectures. This extension consists of constructs for directly specifying the timeout automata used to describe asynchronous communication between processes represented by Lustre nodes. It is implemented using an extensible language framework based on attribute grammars that allows such extensions to be modularly defined so that they may be more easily composed with other language extensions.

Flexible and Extensible Notations for Modeling Languages

In model-based development, a formal description of the software (the model) is the central artifact that drives other development activities. The availability of a modeling language well-suited for the system under development and appropriate tool support are of utmost importance to practitioners. Considering the diverse needs of different application domains, flexibility in the choice of modeling languages and tools may advance the industrial acceptance of formal methods.