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Konrad Slind

Recent Publications

Resolute: An Assurance Case Language for Architecture Models

Arguments about the safety, security, and correctness of a complex system are often made in the form of an assurance case. An assurance case is a structured argument, often represented with a graphical interface, that presents and supports claims about a system's behavior. The argument may combine different kinds of evidence to justify its top level claim. While assurance cases deliver some level of guarantee of a system's correctness, they lack the rigor that proofs from formal methods typically provide.

The Guardol Language and Verification System

Guardol is a domain-specific language designed to facilitate the construction of correct network guards operating over tree-shaped data. The Guardol system generates Ada code from Guardol programs and also provides specification and automated verification support. Guard programs and specifications are translated to higher order logic, deductively transformed to a form suitable for a SMT-style decision procedure for recursive functions over tree-structured data. The result is that difficult properties of Guardol programs can be proved fully automatically.