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Matt Staats

Recent Publications

Automated Oracle Creation Support, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Fault Propagation and Love Mutation Testing

In testing, the test oracle is the artifact that determines whether an application under test executes correctly. The choice of test oracle can significantly impact the effectiveness of the testing process. However, despite the prevalence of tools that support the selection of test inputs, little work exists for supporting oracle creation. In this work, we propose a method of supporting test oracle creation. This method automatically selects the oracle data - the set of variables monitored during testing - for expected value test oracles.

On the Danger of Coverage Directed Test Case Generation

In the avionics domain, the use of structural coverage criteria is legally required in determining test suite adequacy. With the success of automated test generation tools, it is tempting to use these criteria as the basis for test generation. To more firmly establish the eectiveness of such approaches, we have generated and evaluated test suites to satisfy two coverage criteria using counterexample-based test generation and a random generation approach, contrasted against purely random test suites of equal size.

Programs, Tests, and Oracles: The Foundations of Testing Revisited.

In previous decades, researchers have explored the formal foundations of program testing. By exploring the foundations of testing largely separate from any specific method of testing, these researchers provided a general discussion of the testing process, including the goals, the underlying problems, and the limitations of testing. Unfortunately, a common, rigorous foundation has not been widely adopted in empirical software testing research, making it difficult to generalize and compare empirical research.