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Matt Staats

Recent Publications

Better Testing Through Oracle Selection

In software testing, the test oracle determines if the application under test has performed an execution correctly. In current testing practice and research, significant effort and thought is placed on selecting test inputs, with the selection of test oracles largely neglected. Here, we argue that improvements to the testing process can be made by considering the problem of oracle selection. In particular, we argue that selecting the test oracle and test inputs together to complement one another may yield improvements testing effectiveness.

The Influence of Multiple Artifacts on the Effectiveness of Software Testing

The effectiveness of the software testing process is determined by artifacts used in testing, including the program, the set of tests, and the test oracle. However, in evaluating software testing techniques, including automated software testing techniques, the influence of these testing artifacts is often overlooked. In my upcoming dissertation, we intend to explore the interrelationship between these three testing artifacts, with the goal of establishing a solid scientific foundation for understanding how they interact. We plan to provide two contributions towards this goal.

Parallel Symbolic Execution for Structural Test Generation

Symbolic execution is a popular technique for automatically generating test cases achieving high structural coverage. Symbolic execution suffers from scalability issues since the number of symbolic paths that need to be explored is very large (or even infinite) for most realistic programs. To address this problem, we propose a technique, Simple Static Partitioning, for parallelizing symbolic execution.