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Oege de Moor

Recent Publications

Universal Regular Path Queries

Given are a directed edge-labelled graph G with a distinguished node n0, and a regular expression P which may contain variables. We wish to compute all substitutions phi (of symbols for variables), together with all nodes n such that all paths n0 to n are in phi(P). We derive an algorithm for this problem using relational algebra, and show how it may be implemented in Prolog. The motivation for the problem derives from a declarative framework for specifying compiler optimisations.

Forwarding in Attribute Grammars for Modular Language Design

Forwarding is a technique for providing default attribute definitions in attribute grammars that is helpful in the modular implementation of programming languages. It complements existing techniques such as default copy rules. This paper introduces forwarding, and shows how it is but a small extension of standard higher-order attribute grammars. The usual tools for manipulating higher-order attribute grammars, including the circularity check (which tests for cyclic dependencies between attribute values), carry over without modification.

Intentional programming: a host of language features

Programming languages and programming tasks are rarely a perfect fit: often a program could be much clarified by using a number of tailored language features, but the cost of introducing those features in the language is perceived as too high. If a programming language could be implemented in a highly modular fashion, that cost might be lower. To achieve such modularisation is the goal of Intentional Programming; language features are called intentions to emphasise the fact that language features can be tailored to the programmer's wishes.