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Ted Kaminski

Recent Publications

Integrating attribute grammar and functional programming language features

While attribute grammars (AGs) have several features making them advantageous for specifying language processing tools, functional programming languages offer a myriad of features also well-suited for such tasks. Much other work shows the close relationship between these two approaches, often in the form of embedding AGs into lazy functional languages. This paper continues in this tradition, but in the other direction, by integrating various functional language features into AGs.

Network generation and analysis of complex biomass conversion systems

A modular computational tool for automated generation and rule-based post-processing of reaction systems in biomass conversion is presented. Cheminformatics and graph theory algorithms are used to generate chemical transformations pertaining to heterogeneous and homogeneous chemistries in the automated rule-based network generator. A domain-specific language provides a user-friendly English-like chemistry specification interface to the network generator. A rule-based pathway analysis module enables the user to extract and query pathways from the reaction network.