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Andrew Clay Shafer

Andrew Clay Shafer has built a career helping people improve technology and processes for delivering software services. As a co-founder of Puppet Labs, he evangelized DevOps practices and tools before DevOps was a word. He got first hand experience implementing and operating cloud infrastructure as the the VP of Engineering at Cloudscaling. Now at Pivotal, Andrew focuses on helping the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and Pivotal customers leverage platforms to build the future.

Recent Presentations

Do you see what I see?

We’re driving faster and harder toward having more data available, yet we’ve long passed the point that human beings can make sense of all the available data. Software systems controlling software systems controlling hardware, doors, lights, food, cars and people. Systems producing and consuming data. We all walk around with super computers connected to high speed networks with the sum of nearly all human knowledge available in real time in our pockets. What are we going to do with that? What are we capable of doing with that?