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Esra Kucukciftci

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(612) 351-2503
Esra is the Founder of Pricing Innovations where she focuses on translating product success into business success. Esra's experience has spanned everything product - product development, product management, product launches, and product marketing. Informed by all four of those disciplines, she found pricing and monetization to be the most fascinating and overlooked areas of them all. Before founding Pricing Innovations, Esra has worked for Facebook, Amazon, and SAS.

Recent Presentations

From Good Product to Good Business: Using Visualization to Build the Right Business

Every year more than 7 out of 10 product launches fail and that’s primarily because many initiatives fail to translate product success to business success. Every new offering lives in the unfamiliar space between what is and what could be; visualization can be a useful tool for not only familiarizing a new offering with the external audiences who will acquire it but also with the internal audiences who will build it.