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Patrick Bergstrom

Patrick Bergstrom is the Senior Manager leading the Site Reliability Engineering team at Best Buy, responsible for monitoring’s e-commerce platform. Patrick was key in building Best Buy’s new Digital Operations Center, providing guidance and a framework for the visualization of data that the Operations team collects and analyzes every day, in an effort to support the lofty goals he sets for his team in incident detection, response, and resolution. His daily passions are attacking the challenges that come with monitoring theory, anomaly detection, and data visualization at web scale. When he’s not in the Ops Center, Patrick can be found either in his woodshop, or racing his sailboat on Lake Minnetonka during the far-too-short summers.

Recent Presentations

Parsing Chaos – Effective Data Visualization at web scale

With any large-scale web platform, collecting data around various Key-Performance Indicators to get a glimpse of the health of your applications is generally the easiest step towards achieving your monitoring goals. Determining the best method to aggregate and visualize this data in a way that supports your mission and goals is often significantly more challenging.