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Creating and Using Mixed Reality

Date of Presentation: 
Thursday, January 12, 2017
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Using off-the-shelf projectors and mobile phones, I'll discuss our recent developments in creating "AnySurface" projected augmented reality applications. GIS agent-based models of wildland fire, hazmat, flooding and traffic evacuations are projected onto shared surfaces for training, community outreach and incident management of emergencies. Over the last couple of years our machine vision (AnySurface) and simulation frameworks ( have transitioned from C++ / Java engines to full implementations in distributed Javascript architectures deployed in the browsers with minimal need for servers - "If you can script a browser, you can script a room." Now with the ubiquity of live streaming videos via social media, it's possible to derive realtime models of scenes using browser-based photogrammetry and re-project reality onto physical 3D models augmented with spatial visualizations. This talk will review these approaches, talk about some of the challenges and present a live demonstration.
CodeFreeze 2017