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Stephen Guerin

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Simtable LLC 1600 Lena St. D1 Santa Fe, NM 87505
Stephen's work centers on visualization, modeling and the design of self-organizing systems. RedfishGroup takes on research projects in the areas of agent-based modeling, human computer interaction, and ambient computing (spatial augmented reality). Simtable produces interactive simulations for firefighters and emergency managers that are projected onto physical 3D sandtables. Over 60 Simtables are deployed - mostly in the western US.

Recent Presentations

Creating and Using Mixed Reality

Using off-the-shelf projectors and mobile phones, I'll discuss our recent developments in creating "AnySurface" projected augmented reality applications. GIS agent-based models of wildland fire, hazmat, flooding and traffic evacuations are projected onto shared surfaces for training, community outreach and incident management of emergencies.