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Dave Gelperin - Manage Developer Understanding by Visualizing Understanding and Playing Games

Date of Event: 
Thursday, May 5, 2011 - 5:30pm
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Part 1: Improve Requirements Understanding by Playing Cooperative Games

Serious games are games whose primary purpose in NOT entertainment. Cooperative games structure the communication (e.g. contract bridge) and cooperation (e.g. soccer) between players in the same group.

Using serious, cooperative games improves Requirements Understanding (RU). This presentation defines six RU games, maps them into "initial understanding space" and shows how to use a special Ouija board to choose the games to play on your project. An example of RU game selection is described.

Part 2: Visualize and Improve Requirements Understanding: A prequel

Some requirements can be understood directly from their statements, while others are much easier to state than to understand e.g. Turn lead into gold. Understanding changes entails understanding the history or structure of the system
to be changed. The goal of requirements activities is to help developers acquire a sufficiently deep understanding of customer and user needs so they can do their jobs.

If requirements are tagged with their associated level of developer understanding, management can directly monitor and act to improve understanding. This presentation illustrates one strategy for visualizing and improving developer understanding.


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Keller Hall (EE/CS Building)
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Minneapolis, MN

This Month's Meeting
Program Manager: 
Paul Kaska
David Gelperin - CTO - ClearSpecs Enterprises
Manage Developer Understanding by Visualizing Understanding and Playing Games

Thursday May 5th, 2011
5:30-8:00 p.m. at The University of Minnesota
5:30 start for networking, 6:15 start of meeting.


We have reserved parking at the Washington Avenue Ramp! If there is event parking, tell the parking attendant when you enter that you have a reservation with TwinSPIN. If there is no event parking, take a ticket and tell the parking attendant when you leave that you have a reservation with TwinSPIN.

Speaker Bio: 

David Gelperin is Chief Technology Officer of ClearSpecs Enterprises. He has more than 40 years experience in software engineering with an emphasis on requirements risk management as well as software quality, verification, and test. David cofounded Software Quality Engineering and catalyzed the launch of Better Software magazine.
More information is available at (under the About tab).