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Personal Software Process (PSP) Panel and Group Discussion

Date of Event: 
Thursday, November 1, 2001 - 6:00pm


To PSP or not PSP, that is the question?

The Personal Software Process (PSP) is an approach to quality and productivity improvements that can be practiced by the individual software developers regardless of organization wide efforts. The approach is based on carefully tracking the time spent on various activities and tracking the productivity in some reasonable metric (for example, lines of code produced). Armed with this information one can eliminate waste and increase the personal productivity.

Empirical experience shows that this approach is quite effective, but the data collection process may be overwhelming and may even be seen as intrusive. In this discussion forum we will present an overview of PSP, discuss the pros and cons, and have a frank discussion with the audience.

The presenters are Donald J Bailey from Honeywell and Perry Bowen from  StorageTek .

About the Speaker:

Perry Bowen works at StorageTek as a software developer on fiber channel equipment.  He has a BS and MS from the U of Minnesota, both in EE. And, he is a regular PSP practitioner.

Donald Bailey has worked for Honeywell since 1973 as a software developer supporting Automatic Test Equipment and various embedded real time applications. Since 1998, he has been a member of the Software Engineering Process Group for the Minneapolis Sensor Products Operation within Honeywell.