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SEng Seminar Series: Andrey Madan

Date of Event: 
Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:00am to 11:00am
3-230 Keller Hall
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All Software Engineering Industrial Seminars are open to the public.

Title: Testing IoT Applications: From Embedded to Cloud

Speaker: Andrey Madan

Presented by the University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center

Abstract: The term Internet-Of-Things (IoT) refers to a system of network-enabled devices, components, or services that publish and/or consume data. IoT applications are becoming an integral part of our life: from industrial robots and surgical instruments to self driving cars and autonomously flying drones. Proper testing of IoT systems for safety and security is becoming more and more critical as connected systems are able to harm or even kill a human. In this presentation we will discuss the unique challenges for testing the multilayered connected systems. Doing so requires a comprehensive approach. Due to potential critical impact to human lives some parts of the IoT system now require compliance with safety standards such as ISO2626 and IEC61508. These regulations are driving additional testing requirements to obtain safety certification.

IoT solutions usually span multiple layers: for example, an action initiated at a low-level embedded sensor sends a message to a central hub that orchestrates the communication between multiple sensors and even users. The hub or a mobile device is usually connected to the cloud via RESTful APIs to back-end systems implemented in Java or .NET which is deployed to the cloud. All of these layers form a single functional chain, which is only as reliable as the weakest link. Delivering a high-quality reliable and secure system requires testing capabilities at every layer: the low-level layer implemented in C and C++, the API layer, GUI layer and the back-end infrastructure.

Market pressures are forcing organizations to release product features faster with fewer defects and as a result adopting DevOps practices. Those initiatives are establishing rapid release pipelines and integrating every testing stage into a CI/CD pipeline. Automated testing ensures quality in every step of the pipeline by utilizing quality gates along the way. Since an embedded application becomes a part of a connected IoT system, test automation presents a series of unique challenges. We will discuss common problems that organizations are facing when automating testing for both embedded and service oriented applications. Such challenges are especially visible when transitioning from traditional development paradigms to agile, micro-services and cloud deployment. We will also discuss practical approaches that engineers are using in real projects to overcome those challenges.

During this interactive seminar, you will gain a better understanding and a pragmatic view on testing embedded devices connected to applications deployed to the cloud. You will learn about testing techniques that minimize disruption to the development process while improving quality and speed to market.

Bio: Andrey Madan is a software testing professional focusing on tools and methodologies. He is currently a Lead Solution Architect at Parasoft where he is working with customers to identify best technical and business approaches for efficient testing of heterogeneous applications. Andrey is passionate about testing approaches to satisfy critical quality expectations. Prior to joining Parasoft, Andrey spent ten years at Medtronic helping to develop embedded applications and establish and test environments for life critical implantable products. He was a member and leader of various teams that deliver solutions influencing all phases of SDLC. Andrey presented on topics of software testing at such conferences as DevNexus, StartEast, QUEST, GTS, ASTQB and others. Andrey received Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Purdue University in West-Lafayette, IN.