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Software Testability Support Model

Date of Event: 
Thursday, October 3, 1996 - 12:30pm

We had about 15 people attend last month's gathering. After introductions the only major business to report is the decision to hold the January meeting on the second Thursday (January 9th) rather than the day after New Years Day - Mark your calendars.

Our presenter for the evening was David Gelperin from Software Quality Engineering. David presented his concept of a Software Testability Support Model - identifying the things outside of the testing activity which determine the cost-effectiveness of testing. He identified 6 Key Support Areas (KSAs):

  • Software Engineering Infrastructure
  • Project Plans
  • Product Information
  • Software Design
  • Testware
  • Test Environments
David then talked about each of the KSAs in detail. It was a different view of testing, we often forget about the "Systems View" - what factors outside of our process really drive the overall effectiveness of the process. David provided handouts of his slides and two papers describing this concept and how to measure the maturity of an organizations testing support. Since Gail Bertossi was not in attendance we are missing her wonderfully detailed meeting report for this month.

David Gelperin - Software Quality Engineering (SQE)
David Gelperin has over 20 years of experience in software engineering and is the chief architect of the STEP(TM) Systematic Test and Evaluation Process. He has authored a testing handbook for the U.S. Army and chaired development of the ANSI and IEEE standards on software testing.

Business Meeting Sponsors:
The cost of using Dunwoody is $50 per meeting. If your company is willing to subsidize a meeting, contact me, Jesse Freese (882-0800).

I have received positive responses from the following and have indicated associated months, please contact me if you cannot sponsor the indicated month:

  • Fissure - Jesse Freese September 1996
  • G B Lumina - Steve Gitelis October 1996
  • Hart Technical Services - Jolene Hart November 1996
  • Benchmark Laboratories - Chuck LeCount December 1996
  • Honeywell Military Avionics - Dennis Robison January 1997
  • United Defense - Mel Brauns February 1997
  • MetaPhase - Cynthia White March 1997
  • B-Tree - Mitchel Krause April 1997
  • Unisys - Doug Turner May 1997
Special thanks to all the sponsoring organizations and their representatives.

Business Meeting Topics:
Are you willing to give a presentation at a SPIN meeting?

  • All volunteers should contact Jesse Freese to book a date and a topic.
  • Burke Maxey will be leading a discussion on "SPI-ROI", that is, measuring the cost of "quality" in December.
  • We are still looking for a January topic and discussion leader. We have several options still open, but how do you feel about a working group meeting to identify the critical factors and steps in starting a software process improvement initiative? Email me at with your comments, suggestions, and ideas.