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CS&E Professor, Trading Agent Competition story in the news

February 18, 2008
Picture of John Collins

From manufacturers to agents and suppliers, there are many challenges in supply chain management. To address many of the obstacles involved in supporting dynamic supply chain management, researchers from around the world engage in a Trading Agent Competition, designed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

CS&E professors John Collins and Maria Gini are working with undergraduate and graduate students on this competition, along with CS&E alumnus Wolfgang Ketter (Ph.D. ‘07) at Erasmus in Rotterdam and a team of his graduate students. The CS&E agent and team name is MinneTAC. “We're treating it as a real-world software engineering exercise for the students,” Collins said.

In an article in AI Magazine this month, Collins and a co-author addressed the accounts of this game from a 2007 workshop held in conjunction with the competition. In the story, they analyzed the ways in which artificial intelligence could help manage supply chains better.

In addition to serving as a professor, Collins is also the director of graduate studies for the University of Minnesota’s Software Engineering Center. For more information, visit John Collins.