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The Minnesota Daily highlights software engineering students who mix and mash Web sites

April 30, 2007

Imagine being able to mix and mash the features you like most from different Web sites, to create unique Web capabilities. The Minnesota Daily highlighted the software engineering student projects that do just that in a story in last week's paper entitled, "Creative students mix and mash Web sites."

The software engineering course is taught by Adjunct Professor Jamshid Vayghan, who works to connect students with real world experiences. Vayghan is quoted in the story as saying: "The learning will stay with you if you apply it to something that is real," he said. "I think notions like this one are going to help them to think out of the box and try to see how they can put the new technology into use. You can't find this type of thing in any textbook."

For more information, visit the course Web site, CSci. 5802 or Creative students mix and mash Web sites.