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Laying Tracks to Enterprise Grade Observability: Technology Evolution Amidst Technology Evolution

Date of Presentation: 
Thursday, January 16, 2020
What happens when you take a large iconic retailer's technology organization, shift everyone from waterfall projects to the product model, embrace open source, micro-services, and rally back from a contractor heavy engineering force to one over 3,000 engineers strong? Absolutely some really cool business and technology solutions! (And just a wee bit of loss of line of sight that comes with thousands of people doing new and amazing things all at the same time.) Come hear about where Target is at in our evolution as a technology organization, how that has impacted observability, and where we are headed next to make things even better. We'll share how we are using platforms as the foundation for everything we do for retail and IT operations, and dig into some of our work, to date, to make our Measurement platforms scale to meet our needs.