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Publication Title Authors Date of Publication Venuesort descending Associated Research Groups Publication Files
Reasoning about Algebraic Datatypes with Abstractions Hung T. Pham
Andrew Gacek
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
April 2016 Journal of Automated Reasoning, to appear Critical Systems Research Group
Finding Robust Solutions in Requirements Models Gregory Gay
Tim Menzies, Ph.D.
Omid Jalali
Gregory Mundy
Beau Gilkerson
Martin Feather
James Kiper
March 2010 Journal of Automated Software Engineering archive Volume 17 Issue 1, March 2010 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon 10keys.pdf
Deviation Analysis: A New Use for Model Checking Mats Heimdahl
Yunja Choi
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
March 2005 Journal of Automated Software Engineering, volume 12, issue 3 Critical Systems Research Group
Requirements Capture and Evaluation in Nimbus: The Light Control Case Study Jeffrey Thompson
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Mats Heimdahl
July 2000 Journal of Universal Computer Science Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon Thompson_J_M.pdf
Adding Syntax and Static Analysis to Libraries via Extensible Compilers and Language Extensions Eric Van Wyk
Derek Bodin
Paul Huntington
October 2006 LCSD 2006 - Library Centric Software Development Workshop Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon vanwyk_lcsd.pdf
Using Models to Address Challenges in Specifying Requirements for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Anitha Murugesan
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Mats Heimdahl
April 2013 Medical Cyber Physical Systems Workshop, International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Philadelphia, 2013. Critical Systems Research Group
Improving Symbolic Execution for Statecharts Formalisms Daniel Balasubramanian
Corina Pǎsǎreanu
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Jason Biatek
Gabor Karsai
Michael Lowry
September 2012 MoDeVVa '12 Proceedings of the Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon p47-balasubramanian.pdf
Towards a Framework for Generating Tests to Satisfy Complex Code Coverage in Java Pathfinder Matt Staats April 2009 Moffett Field, California Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon paper27-main.pdf
Better Testing Through Oracle Selection Matt Staats
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Mats Heimdahl
May 2011 New Ideas and Emerging Results Track, 33rd International Conference on Software Engineering, Honolulu, Hawaii, May 21-28, 2011. Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon p892-staats.pdf
Towards Realizability Checking of Contracts using Theories Andrew Gacek
Andreas Katis
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
John Backes
Darren Cofer
April 2015 NFM 2015 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon document.pdf