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Publication Title Authors Date of Publication Venuesort descending Associated Research Groups Publication Files
Structuring Formal Control Systems Specifications for Reuse: Surviving Hardware Changes Jeffrey Thompson
Mats Heimdahl
Debra Erickson
January 2000 Fifth NASA Langley Formal Methods Workshop, Virginia, January 2000 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon reuse-lfm2000.pdf
An Improved Unrolling-Based Decision Procedure for Algebraic Data Types Hung T. Pham
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
May 2013 Fifth Working Conference on Verified Software: Theories, Tools and Experiments (VSTTE'13) Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon VSTTE.pdf
Safety and Software Intensive Systems: Challenges Old and New Mats Heimdahl May 2007 FOSE '07 2007 Future of Software Engineering Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon FOSE-MAts-Full.pdf
Specification-Based Prototyping for Embedded Systems Jeffrey Thompson
Mats Heimdahl
Steven Miller
September 1999 Foundations of Software Engineering, Toulouse, France, September, 1999 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon proto-refine-fse99.pdf
From Requirements to Code: Model Based Development of A Medical Cyber Physical System? Anitha Murugesan
Mats Heimdahl
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Sanjai Rayadurgam
John Komp
Lian Duan
Baek-Gyu Kim
Oleg Sokolsky
Insup Lee
June 2014 Fourth International Symposium on Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems (FHIES 2014) and Software Engineering in Healthcare workshop (SEHC 2014) Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon MedCPS.pdf
Exploring the Twin Peaks using Probabilistic Verification Techniques Anitha Murugesan
Lu Feng
Mats Heimdahl
Sanjai Rayadurgam
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Insup Lee
May 2014 Fourth International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon Main.pdf
Context-Aware Scanning for Parsing Extensible Languages Eric Van Wyk
August Schwerdfeger
October 2007 GPCE 2007 - Intl. Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon gpce.pdf
A Hierarchical Requirements Reference Model Anitha Murugesan October 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing 2014 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon ExtendedAbstract.pdf
Universal Regular Path Queries Oege de Moor
David Lacey
Eric Van Wyk
March 2003 Higher Order and Symbolic Computation (HOSC) 16 (1-2): 15-35. A special issue dedicated to Bob Paige. Minnesota Extensible Language Tools
Compiler Optimization Correctness by Temporal Logic David Lacey
Neil D. Jones
Eric Van Wyk
Carl Christian Frederiksen
September 2004 Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation, 17 (3): 173-206 Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon hosc_popl.pdf